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Dave & Jan Vosen Memorial

For the benefit of Corinne’s Food Pantry

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It's a success! Thank you to all who supported us during the Dave & Jan Vosen Memorial Golf Tournament for the benefit of Corinne's Food Pantry. We couldn't have done it without you. Thank you to all our sponsors.

Mission Statement

To implement and further the accomplishments of a special nurse by providing food and basic personal care items to those in need.
We invite you to be a part of this meaningful journey.
Your generosity, whether big or small, creates a ripple of positive change in the community.

Our story


Corinne passed away unexpectedly at 39, leading Hygeia Home Healthcare to start a food pantry in her memory with her parents' blessing.


December marked the official establishment of Corinne’s Food Pantry, Inc.


The pantry is now a beacon of hope, supported immensely by the community, home care, and countless blessings, growing ever stronger.

Corinne Courtney Winder was an extremely loving and caring person who had a beautiful smile and an infectious sense of humor. She was always the life of the party and the positive energy in her workplace.

In her career as a home healthcare nurse, Corinne would often come home and tell stories of visiting her patients that begged for something to eat. Being the caring person that she was, it bothered her to witness people not having enough food.

She would often express,

“It’s not right!”

Upon her next visit she greeted her patients with snacks she had purchased with her own money.

On August 29, 2017 Corinne unexpectedly passed away at the age of 39.

Knowing how strongly she felt about providing food to those less fortunate, her employer, Hygeia Home Healthcare approached Corinne’s parents hoping to get their blessing to begin a food pantry in Corinne’s memory. There was definitely no question.

Hence, in December of 2020 the birth of Corinne’s Food Pantry, Inc. occurred. All of Corinne’s family are on the team, as well as many friends who knew and loved her.

Together they work very hard to continue Corinne’s passion and keep her memory alive.

Thanks to your generosity, our foundation efforts have made a significant impact.

Chili Cook-off fundraiser

Let’s team up and make a difference!

You can help by
  • organizing food drives or
  • putting a donation box in your business.

Every can or box of food you donate brings hope and makes a real impact on someone’s life. Let’s work together to help those in need.

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“Feeding the body nourishes the soul;
when we extend our hand to help others with food and health, we uplift not only their lives but the very essence of our humanity.”